Supple became a choreographer, in the process he became...
The Dance Scientist

If you want something different, new, unique and fresh then look no further than hiring Supple aka "The Dance Scientist"

Wherever you are in the world, if your company, recording artist, television production, stage show or clients need the services of a professional international award winning choreographer then look no further that "SUPPLE" aka 'The Dance Scientist'. From his UK base, 'The Dance Scientist' is available internationally.

'The Dance Scientist' truly represents the new generational blood of choreographers and has humbly made a name for himself in Europe where he has worked with many greats such as Madonna, Jamiroquai, All Saints, Beyonce, Amr Diab, Hrithik Roshan, Chemical Brothers, etc. He has also received the "Most Innovative Choreography... " award in the UK through Carnival. Experience some of his magical recent works @

Supple has a unique style that is a fusion of all genres without restrictions. Such has been the industry acclaim and demand for him that he has already choreographed many assignments in India, South Africa, Spain, Japan, Australia, France, Korea, Egypt, Thailand, Greece, etc



Whether it is a feature film, commercial, stage show, music video or television production, please consider Supple aka "The Dance Scientist" Ring +61416-477832 and/or +61417-456562 plus email your enquiry to

Experience a Supple television work choreography sample @

If Supple happens to be already busy on the date/period of your project then you can always trust and rely on still hiring Supple as an artistic consultant for your job from anywhere off-site and/or abroad. 

Supple aka 'The Dance Scientist' is also able to provide all the dancers and talent for your job and even run the casting session for you. Currently, we have top of the line affiliations with some of the best artists within the UK, Europe, Asia, US and Australia.

Message From Supple

Dear Fans & Friends,

It really means a lot to me to motivate and inspire others with dance and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for granting me that wish and experience. Dance is all that I have ever known to satisfy my full 7 existing senses, and choreography is my communication to the world in every language.

Every dance I choreograph is a different mathematical formula and every step I take in my life is a new chapter and journey in my career. To be honest I am not sure what I would do or where I would be if it wasn't for the support and unconditional love that you my friends, fans and family give me time after time. For that I thank you again over and over a trillion times again. I appreciate everything that you are and do and you have my promise that I will always continue to live my life smiling and choreograph with passion staying true to the art form.